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Bassinets and Moses Baskets

Stylish and sustainable, wicker or rattan bassinets are probably one of the only baby pieces that can look better with age – vintage or new, they lend a sense of nature and calm (and a bit of boho) to baby’s room. It's so simple too to change the look of your nursery by simply mixing up the bassinet sheets you use. Rattan bassinets make a great addition that can easily stored and handed down through the generations. 

The great benefit of having a bassinet is its portability and SIDS guidlines have the following recommendations-

SIDS and Kids recommends sleeping with baby in a cot next to the parent's bed for the first six to twelve months of life. ... Recent evidence from the UK indicates that sharing the same room during baby's daytime sleeps is also protective.

Please refer to the SIDS and KIds Advisory Council for up to date information on safe sleeping techniques.

In Australia, there is no safety standard for bassinets.