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Hunter & Nomad

This is the story of Hunter & Nomad-

My name is Annemarie, Dutch mum of three cheeky boys and founder of Hunter & Nomad. I came to Australia 8 years ago with my husband seeking adventure and fell in love with the beautiful Australian lifestyle and we decided to stay.

Being Dutch and having that European design in the back of my mind whenever I was creating new products is what really made us stand out from the rest. I like following my own creative path and not always sticking to the interior trends, and it turned out to be the right path for us then as well as where we are at right now. Plus being SUPER passionate about the business helps too :-).

This business truly is a representation of us, our journey and everything we adore. We really hope you fall in love with our designs as much as we have and that you enjoy shopping on our website and exploring all that our collections have to offer.