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Jack and Lily

"Jack" and "Lily" have a mum... a Canadian mum called Brenda. Brenda began the company Jack and Lily in her early thirties while pregnant with her second child after being frustrated with the lack of quality, developmentally friendly, footwear for babies. With a background in design, Brenda found a local company to sell her some leather off-cuts which she used to design her first pair of shoes. She began selling them to friends and neighbours until the demand was so great, she had to look at expansion.

So, Jack and Lily was born. The name comes from Brenda's children in a round about way. He son Jack was her first born and during her second pregnancy, her doctor told her she was having a girl who was to be named Lily. Hence, the personal attachment to her new shoe business. It so turns out that even doctors can be wrong... her second child turned out to be another boy who they named Finn. So the "Lily" i Kack and Lily is actually a Finn... but I guess Jack and Finn didn't have the same effect.

Why have we chosen Jack and Lily? We believe in supporting small home made businesses and our stocked shoe brands have all been born from an idea by a young Mum who had a vision. We love that young Mums are making a difference and we love that at Cute to Boot, we can bring those visions to you and your families.

Jack & Lily My Shoes-  Lincoln
On Sale RRP $37.95
Jack & Lily My Mocs- Romi
On Sale RRP $45.95