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Little Bud Kids

All about Little Bud Kids-

Here at Little Bud Kids, we believe that even ordinary families should have access to toys that are timeless, minimize our contribution to the landfill, and inspire creativity, wonder, and growth. Our children truly are like little buds, fragile, yet bursting forth with potential, strength, and will. They are magic in the making and so impressionable at their young age. Their environment needs to be as optimal as possible to nurture their innate, creative spark. 

That's why we've personally curated and designed products that are multi-faceted, packed with learning and playing potential, and made out of natural materials as much as possible. We only work with suppliers who have received third-party international verification of meeting and exceeding ethical work standards. These suppliers are almost always direct factories, allowing us to achieve two things: keeping costs low by cutting out middle-men and allowing for clear and direct communication and transparency.

Lastly, all our toys are both kid and parent-tested and approved prior to production. We pride ourselves in bringing smiles not just for kids, but for the adults in their lives as well. We look forward to you joining us in our mission to transform the way we play and live.