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The Freckled Frog

Although widely known as the Freckled Frog, we are also known as the fussy Freckled Frog to our in-house team! Due to our fastidiousness over designing, manufacturing and providing you with safe, strong and unique toys. Before coming to market all our toys must passed the fussy test – fun, unique, safe, strong and educational.

Started in Melbourne in 2009 by mother Victoria Reading, who was looking for the right sort of toys for her young boys. Fast forward to now and those boys are an integral part of the Freckled Frog testing team! All the toys are put through the toughest of tests to ensure they are fun,  safe and strong. The testing team – Harry and Jock, have been on board since the beginning. Not afraid to speak their minds they have been instrumental in letting the designer know when she has got it right and when she needs to go back to the drawing board! Combining their expertise with Victoria firsthand knowledge of what parents want, ensures the end result has everyone smiling.