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Babiator Sunglasses Australia - Cute to Boot

Stylish and hip Sunglasses for Babies and Kids!

Are you sick of sunglasses that break or get lost? Are you conscious of protecting your precious little one's eyes from the sun?

Great, So are we!

Introducing a fantastic brand of babies and children's sunglasses from the US that answer all your concerns and more - Babiators.

Award-winning Babiators was created by a Mum who wanted a stylish pair of sunglasses for her young family that not only looked the part, but were just as durable and safe as Aviator glasses. Their durable rubber frames are virtually indestructable - bend them, twist them, fold them, they will bounce right back to shape! The lenses are also impact - shatter resistent and are 100% UVA & UVB resistent so you can be sure your little one's eyes are fully protected. Babiators is also the ONLY brand that offers a full 12 month replacement guarantee if the glasses are broken or lost - how kids proof is that!

Rocked and owned by kids, Mums and Celebraties around the globe, you will love these sunglasses just as much as your kids do! Perfect gift idea.