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Baby and Toddler Swings

There are many advantages of investing in a baby and toddler swing. Just a few of the ways they can be beneficial include: 

  • Calm a fussy baby: Has your little one missed his nap? Does he need a different type of stimulation? The continuous movement back and forth can quickly sooth an unhappy babe. Keep in mind that our swings are entirely safe, so you can use them if you need a place to put your child while you make dinner or retrieve something from another room. 
  • Perfect in any weather: Whether you are stuck inside on a rainy day or are outside enjoying the warm summer sun, our toddler swing chair can be set up anywhere. 
  • Encourages the development of physical strength: If your baby enjoys constant movement, it can be difficult for any parent to keep up with this as it is very demanding. Placing your toddler in one of our swings promotes the idea that they can move their swing back and forth on their own and helps both their large motor skills in coordination and fine motor skills playing with the beads.