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Big Toes

BigToes Australia is an Australian, family-operated business, specialising in scientifically developed, ergonomic footwear designed to mimic barefoot walking for babies and toddlers.

Similar to fingers on an adult hand, a babies’ toes are freely movable, an
important and imperative characteristic that helps babies keep their balance
while standing upright and learning how to walk.
Most babies also have thick and flat fan-shaped feet, with a wide front and
narrow heel. Babies use the entire soles of their feet to maintain their balance
when standing, and then walking.

BigToes shoes consider the unique characteristics of babies’ feet and
are the outcome of BigToes' efforts to develop customized shoes for
babies and toddlers around the world, making BigToes the most
suitable and enjoyable shoe for babies first steps and beyond.
BigToes shoes are a glue-free shoe with the sole made of TPE
(Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is harmless to humans. There is no
toxic materials detected throughout any BigToes products, instilling
confidence in parents that BigToes are the most suitable shoe for their pre-walker or toddler.