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Open-ended toys not only help develop a child’s imagination and creativity, they also grow WITH the child. As they learn and develop, their play becomes more evolved. A simple ball run designed by a younger child might turn into a complicated creation involving more detailed engineering for an older child. 

We pride ourselves on producing a quality product that will last through many years of play in homes around the world. Our tiles are made using non-toxic, ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free. All tiles include ultrasonic welding and rivets for extra safety and our unique bevelled design allows Connetix to be strong and more scratch resistant. Connetix is an Australian company manufactured in China and we take the safety of our products very seriously. All the necessary testing and approvals required to sell Connetix worldwide have been undertaken.

Connetix began with the launch of our 62 piece pack and we have since expanded to include a 100 piece Creative pack, 24 piece Motion Pack, 40 piece Expansion Pack, 2 piece Base Plates pack and upcoming Ball Run pack. Whilst we have plans for many more packs to follow, we are always interested in hearing what YOU would like to see us create and how we can help your play! 

Cute to Boot is proud to be a supplier of Connetix tikes and you can buy them online or in store.

Afterpay is available.