Date Posted:2 October 2017 

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As a busy parent, it’s difficult to find the time to walk into a regular brick and mortar store to find the perfect clothing for your baby. Shopping can become quickly exhausting, especially with a little one in tow. Heading to purchase clothing on an online boutique is the go-to method for many mums today, and it’s proven to be a perfect alternative to a walk-in store.

While older children can be pickier about their wishes for clothing, the great thing about babies and smaller toddlers is that you’ll be able to dress them to your heart’s content: after all, you’ve got a fashion sense of what’s best for your kid.

The idea of finding your baby’s clothing online seems great at first, but approach it the right way to get the best out of your experience. We always recommend making sure the return policy is just right for you, and at Cute To Boot we think you’ll find the perfect fit!

As a parent, of course you want to provide exactly what’s best for your child, so here’s a few tips on things to think about to make finding clothes for your baby online the best possible experience.

Sizing & Growing

Always have in the forefront of your mind that little babies grow up fast! Measure your baby’s size to ensure you do not purchase tight fitting or over-sized clothing. Do not rely on just the generic size conversion charts, as sized may vary for different brands. Size is also an important factor depending on when you need the clothes for your baby. If you’re buying some winter Uggs for your baby, but it’s still summer, remember that they might need to grow into them a little bit, so size accordingly! With many clothes, simply buying a size up can ensure that they’ll be a perfect fit for them in the near future, and be able to wear their cute new clothes as long as possible.

Fabric & Materials

The best online baby clothing stores always indicate the fabric and materials used in the craftsmanship of their shoes and clothes. This is important for your baby’s clothing, so make sure to thoroughly check out the product descriptions. For shoes, it’s great to choose the highest quality soles that protect your baby’s feet: choosing soft leather soles or soft rubber soles are gentle yet protective. Babies chew on things: you’ll want their clothes to be the nicest, most gentle materials available! And of course, remember to consider warmth if it’s heading into winter, to keep your baby’s feet nice and warm. Most designer baby shoes and boots use high quality materials for long-lasting, protective, and gentle footwear for your child.

Customer Feedback

Reading customer feedback is your best bet when shopping for your baby’s accessories online. Carefully look through these reviews given by other mums and dads to see how satisfied they were with the delivery, and whether there were any general problems such as sizing or garment quality, and make an informed decision before making any purchase. At Cute To Boot we welcome everyone to share their opinions of our selection of baby footwear and clothing!

Safety and Comfort

And of course, the last thing any parent would want is to find out their purchase isn’t the right fit for their child, or is of poor quality. Cheaper baby clothing can not only be made of poor quality, irritating material, but have loose buttons or other features that aren’t the best for your baby. Not to mention teething babies going to town on their footwear! Choose high-quality shoes and boots for your baby that will be sure to avoid these problems...that’s why we love our range of boutique footwear and accessories, because they’re sure to offer the highest quality for your child.

Making Sure You’re Happy - Our Return Policy

We always want to make sure our customers are happy, so that’s why we offer a generous return policy. If you find that an article is faulty or damaged, we’ll replace it. If you ordered the wrong size, we’ll also be happy to replace it, just for the expense of return shipping. Read more about our return policy to learn more about the details involved.

At Cute to Boot we are so happy to offer our wide, carefully selected range of toddler boots and other baby shoes for our customers. We’re excited that you’re here to shop: let us know if there’s anything we can help you out with to get your baby into a nice pair of footwear!

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