Date Posted:3 October 2017 

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Babies grow fast! It seems as if they were an infant only yesterday. Within a few months, they’re moving around, and within another few months, they’re on their feet taking unsteady steps in every direction.

As they grow and as they graduate from crawling to walking, their footwear needs change as well. Where socks might have once sufficed, they now need real shoes to protect their feet.

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect clothing and accessories for your little baby. But it’s a lot easier when there’s a selection of shoes and boots to find online. This way, you can shop while your baby is asleep (if you can find the time!)

And of course, as they grow it seems like you’ve constantly got to keep five steps ahead of them. Since their feet sizes grow so fast, we recommend buying sizes a little bit bigger than their feet currently are, so that they can grow into them and never have to wear shoes or boots that are the wrong size.

We carry a range of high-quality shoes brands, in all sorts of styles and colors. They have either soft leather soles, or soft rubber soles, as recommended by podiatrists and specialists. We love comfort and quality which is why we carry this range of amazing shoes for your baby. Some of our favorite brands include Jack and Lily, Rileyroos, Tip Top Joey, Australian Ugg Boots, Livie & Luca, and of course our very own Cute to Boot brand.

Boutique Baby Shoe Brands


These cute shoes come from an American designer. Handcrafted from high quality, durable patent leather uppers, these shoes are perfect for developing babies who are getting ready to take their first steps.

Jack and Lily

These shoes are designed and made in Vancouver, Canada, a company started by another mom who decided to make high quality, fashionable shoes for her babies. The quality leather materials stand out as a great choice for babies across the world! Check out our range of Jack and Lily shoes on our page.

Tip Top Joey

Created by an Australian dad and a Brazilian mum, these shoes are another amazing brand that comes straight to us, handcrafted in Brazil. We think you’ll love these little shoes as the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe! We’ve got several that you will love to browse!

Livie & Luca

As a mum-owned business ourself, we love supporting brands that are founded by other mums. The baby footwear from Livie & Luca reflects the love for quality and style that our customers have grown to love: and your little boy or girl will, too! Look through our entire range of Livie & Luca shoes.

Australian Ugg Boots

The world-famous Australian Ugg Boot is available for your baby! Put these cute boots on your child for the ultimate in warmth and comfort. We think you’ll love the range of looks and styles that we have for your baby. We’ve got a few you’ll love to check out!

Cute to Boot

This is our very own brand! Flat, lightweight, flexible soles to mimic walking barefoot. They are hand-crafted with the finest quality soft genuine suede leather upper and outer, breathable for your baby’s comfort. We’re proud of these and think you’ll love them! Take a closer look at our very own shoes.

How Do You Pick The Perfect Shoe?

There’s so many shoes out there, that we know it’s hard to find the perfect footwear for your baby. It can be overwhelming...but the good news is, we’ve already collected some of our favorite brands, picked specifically for quality and comfort, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the selection we’ve curated. We love the soft soles (both leather and rubber) that are recommended by podiatrists and specialists for babies with rapidly developing bodies. As they begin to walk, these shoes will help protect their gentle feet as they start moving faster and faster! 

Whether it’s a winter boot, or a summer sandal, or an in-between for all the other times, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

More than anything, we hope that you will find the perfect shoe for your baby’s wardrobe. We’re sure you’ll find that our soft sole shoes are the perfect blend of fashion and design. If you’ve got any questions definitely feel free to reach out and contact us!

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