Date Posted:26 March 2018 

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Buying baby shoes is a major milestone for you and the development of your child. It’s a wonderful chapter in your life as a parent, but it can also be a difficult one. Your baby’s first shoes often become keepsakes that you will hold onto for a very long time. Every parent is after the perfect experience for their child’s first steps that’s why there are a few things to consider when buying your baby’s first footwear.


There are different shoes for each of your baby’s phase and age: shoes to wear while in the crib, for crawling, learning to walk, and finally, for walking and running around! But does your baby really need shoes? Baby shoes are important in protecting your baby’s feet but during the early months, baby shoes are not necessary as babies’ feet can develop well without shoes.



Dropping by kids shoe stores and shopping for baby shoes is truly exciting but babies will only need their first pair of shoes once they start walking. There are different types of shoes available in most baby shoe stores and toddler shoe stores that it can be quite confusing. Here’s a list of shoe types so you will know which kind of shoes are best for each phase of your baby’s feet growth.


Types of Baby Shoes:

Crib and Pram Shoes:

One of the most common questions asked by new parents is “Does my baby need to wear shoes as a newborn?” In your baby’s first months, it is best to keep them barefoot. But if you are taking your baby outside or if the weather is quite cold, then crib shoes or booties are a good choice since they are made to keep the babies’ feet warm.

Pre Walker Baby Shoes:

Once a baby starts crawling around, most parents would have them wear shoes for protection. Pre walker baby shoes are best for crawling since they are made out of soft material and have an elastic sole good for traction

Walking Shoes:

Baby walking shoes have a good grip, non-skid soles and a lot of ankle support. Its main purpose is to protect the baby’s feet on any surface.

Running Shoes:

When your little one starts running, they would need running shoes. Running shoes should be durable and should provide stability when walking or running.

Soft Sole vs Hard Sole

Now that you know the types of shoes, you need to choose whether you’re going to buy a soft sole or a hard sole shoes. Which is best for your baby? Soft sole shoes are made of soft materials that gives warmth and comfort to your baby. These are best for newborns and beginner walkers since hard sole shoes can be heavier and could hinder a baby’s feet development. Babies would need to wear hard sole shoes when they start walking or running. It offers more protection and helps prevent slipping.

Shoe Sizes and Shoe Fitting

It is crucial to get your baby’s correct shoe size when choosing the best shoes for them. You can use a tape measure or trace your baby’s feet on a paper to get the accurate size. Instead of measuring, some parents just simply follow the age and shoe sizing chart.


Choose natural and quality materials for your baby’s shoes. Leather, cotton and mesh are recommended because it allows the feet to breathe. Synthetic or plastic materials can make your baby’s feet sweat and get overheated. Remember that every baby’s skin is sensitive so you need to choose the material that is not harmful to your baby’s skin.


When you’re ready to shop, check out Cute to Boot’s quality baby footwear. Our range of shoes is made using high quality leathers and suedes and have soft soles. As a result, the shoes are comfortable and allow the bones in your baby's feet to develop as nature intended.


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