Author: Belinda Owen   Date Posted:25 September 2014 

Not sure what size to buy? main image Not sure what size to buy? image

I have been asked, how do I know what size shoes to buy my child. Hopefully my experience will help (as well as the sizing guides which can be found under the "specifications" tab on each product).

My 14 month old son's foot currently measures 12cm in length. He is still able to wear his Softies Soft Sole shoes in size 6-12 months with approx. 1/4cm (0.25cm) wiggle room at the toes. Softies tend to make their shoes a little larger in sizes, allowing for wiggle room and growth. His Rileyroos shoes (in "Sportie" style) are size 12-18 months and they fit him perfectly with a good 1/2cm (0.5cm) wiggle room. They are also reasonably generous in width.

If in doubt, go with the next size as your child will always grow into them. Hope this helps!

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