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Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles

The most incredible giant bubble designed for endless therapeutic enjoyment for children (and adults!) to play and learn. 

The award-winning quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable extraordinary bubble solution, developed by a marine conservationist with over 8 years of research & testing, creates the most amazing multi-colored bubbles that are strong, long lasting and enormous. Each bubble wand is handmade with sustainably-sourced hardwood and fair-trade natural cotton. All made with love in the North Wales of the U.K. with quality and sustainability at heart.

At Dr Zigs, sustainability matters.  It is a way of life. Our products are made from non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients. And we do our absolute best to package them in eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled, refilled, and or repurposed.Our sustainability commitment goes beyond our products. We are acutely aware of the role we play in protecting our world for future generations. Every day we make sustainable choices that we believe will have a long-term positive impact on the health of our planet and wellbeing of our society.