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Little Belle Nightlights

A favourite brand across Australia for 5 years, Laura Burbery created the first Little Belle in 2014 when her three-year-old daughter was having difficulty sleeping. She searched everywhere for a quality porcelain nightlight that was similar to the one she had when she was a child - but only found bad quality plastic lamps that beamed blue and red light which is bad for sleep. With nearly one in three children experiencing sleeping difficulties, Laura wanted to help families with a range of porcelain lights that inspire a restful night light sleep.

Creating a calm and reassuring environment is key to helping children sleep through the night. Each of our lights are custom designed with a soothing gentle glow which is perfect for settling them off to sleep at night and to reassure them when they wake. Calling upon fairies to help children sleep is a psychologist endorsed method and our fairy themed designs help encourage this as part of the sleep routine.

Made from Porcelain, our lamps are sustainably sourced from the earth and we are proud to work with ethical artisans who use generations of craftsmanship to create our beautiful lights. The handcrafted nature gives each lamp its own bespoke characteristics.

 Our lights are made with our littlest customers in mind. Our custom made bulbs are safety tested to be exempt from photobiological risk

No blue light. No UV. No infrared. 

The soft and calming gentle glow is perfect for settling children into a restful night of sleep and reassures them when they wake in the night. 


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